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Oregon PVA will establish and maintain a membership program for disabled citizens of Oregon with an emphasis on spinal cord injured or neurologically impaired veterans. This program will also promote the name Oregon PVA by locating new members and volunteers through: networking with other disability groups, media, and membership drives. Through the membership program we offer two social events annually in the Portland area. The first membership event is held August 9th at Cascade Gateway Park, Salem, Oregon. In September, the members are invited to our Annual Banquet to celebrate our year in review. For more information please call 503-362-7998 or email

Reasons to become a member:

Recreation Fund
The Recreation Fund was established to give the opportunity to choose an activity that they enjoy to participate in. This program reimburses members for their activity expenses on an annual basis. The motive behind this program is to get the paralyzed veteran out of the house and into society.

Annual Banquet
The Annual Banquet gives the Chapter the opportunity to recognize the value of its volunteers as well as present awards. The event is semi-casual. We will be providing a limited number of rooms at a discounted rate for members’ enjoyment. Call the OPVA office for more details: 503-362-7998.

Aide & Attendant
The healthcare of our member is very important to maintaining a quality of life. If you need assistance in training and hiring or locating programs that meet your needs to maintain independence we’re here to help.
Educational Scholarships
Oregon PVA’s primary goal has been to assist its members and their families in improving the quality of their lives. The Educational Scholarship Program was developed to assist members and their immediate family with a $500.00 grant for their post-secondary education.

Other Information about Membership.

Member Eligibility
To become a member is easy. Just fill out the appropriate paper work by clicking here. If you were accepted and entered into the armed forces, and were released with more than a dishonorable discharge all you have to have is a spinal cord impairment or disease.

Volunteer Opportunities
Have you ever wanted to make a difference? Do you have extra time on your hands? Do you care about people? Do you live in the Salem Oregon vicinity? Give us a call or send us an email. We’d like to get you involved.Click here to fill out the volunteer application form.

Veterans’ Memorial
Serving in the military is not for everyone but for those who have their dedication and sacrifice should always be remembered. If you have a loved one or a friend who you would like remembered on our Virtual Memorial Wall, please contact us.
Stay Informed
Click here to find out what benefits are available through our partners. Email is the fastest way for PVA to communicate news, event calendars, or special offers to PVA members. Contact the PVA Membership Program ( or 1-800-424-8200 ext. 775 or 776) to ensure that we have your current contact information, including email address.